What is the most ethical super fund?

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What is the most ethical super fund?


As the hierarchy of ethical decision making is highly dependent on a personal moral compass it's difficult to be conclusive in determining the 'most ethical' superfund. Most SuperFunds now offer an ethical option for members.

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Ethical investing has become a popular option with superannuation members, and thus most superfund now offer an ethical option. While ethical and sustainable options have much in common, they're often quite different in terms of the investment mix. You should carefully investigate both ethical and sustainable options to determine which ones align with your investment goals, ethical considerations and own moral compass.

Some SuperFunds which offer ethical options are:

  • Verve Super
  • Christian Super
  • Future Super
  • AustralianEthical
  • AustralianSuper
  • Local Government Super
  • UniSuper
  • Sunsuper
  • AwareSuper

It is important to do your own research and look beyond the marketing. In particular, research the investment mix of the ethical and sustainable investment options as some SuperFunds have been caught investing in companies such as fossil fuels & mining under ethical investment options. Your ethical outlook may differ to that of your superannuation fund.


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