Can I buy shares in AustralianSuper?

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Can I buy shares in AustralianSuper?


AustralianSuper is not an ASX listed entity, and therefore you can not buy shares in the superfund itself via the public stock market (ASX).

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While you can invest your superannuation with AustralianSuper, you can not purchase private investments within AustralianSuper itself, as an entity. As AustralianSuper is itself a not for profit (NFP) entity, it would make little sense to invest directly in it. If you have your superannuation invested in AustralianSuper you can determine how AustralianSuper invests your superannuation on your behalf. Through this manner you could have your superannuation invested in shares, either the local Australian sharemarket, or international shares. AustralianSuper also offers a Member Direct option which enables a member to invest a portion of their superannuation in one or more specific companies. Fee's vary between different investment options to ensure you have read and understood the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and the fee's applicable in each case.


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