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Website Launch


SuperQuestions.com.au has launched! It's been an exciting week getting the final touches on the site.

Ask your questions

For version one the website you can ask questions, so get cracking. Version two will also enable you to write answers to questions (if that's your kind of thing). For now it's a one way discourse, but that's still the most valueable way to do things. How many people sit around all day wishing they had a bunch of mostly mundane questions regarding super to plow through? Likely not many.

But we do :) So bring it on.

Asking questions? That's the real ball game, people have them, and they don't want to keep them. So get them out onto this website and we'll get you the answers. Enshrined upon the internet for all to discover in the future.

How'd this site get built?

From an architectural perspective it's a relatively simple design, although it leverages a few newer technologies. We've followed the static site paradigm for version one, although version two could see this change slightly. For now, we're using NextJS to do the heavy lifting, it generates a static site (utilising server side rendering) which is then hosted on Netlify. The static content is generated out of a strapi instance, which for now is only hosted locally. Version two will likely see the strapi instance launch to the internet, with full authenticated users able to create question and answers directly via the NextJS site.